The Accused:

The three immigrants accused of murdering Francesco Nitti on July 29, 1922.

Sabella Nitti: Barese immigrant who speaks neither English nor Italian. Terrified.

Peter Crudele: Recent Barese immigrant. Farmhand on Nitti family's small vegetable farm.

Charley Nitti: Sabella's sixteen-year-old son. Accused of helping his mother and Peter kill his father.

The Lawmen:

The men obsessed with Sabella Nitti.

Michael Romano:  Prosecuting attorney. Recent law graduate of Northwestern University.

Milton Smith: Prosecuting attorney, rising star, future politician.

Judge Joseph David: Longtime Chicago judge.

Deputy Sheriff Paul Dasso: A Chicago born Italian with a bias against Sabella. A man with a dark history, he led the charge against Sabella.


The Ladies of the Gun

The Women in Jail Alongside Sabella.

Beulah Annan: Accused of shooting her secret boyfriend while her husband was at work. Inspired the character "Roxy Hart" in the play "Chicago."

Kitty "Malm": Accused of shooting a security guard during a botched robbery.

Belva Gaertner: Accused of shooting her married lover in his car while drunk. Inspired the character "Velma Kelly" in the play "Chicago."

The Team of Six

The Italian-American defense team who picked up Sabella and Peter's case on appeal.

Helen Cirese: Young, beautiful, and female, Cirese was initially shut out from the legal community.

Rocco DeStefano: The "dean" of Italian American lawyers in Chicago.

Alberto Gualano: Attorney and the first Italian American judge in the state.

Frank Allegretti: Handsome Chicago attorney whose good looks flustered a witness for the prosecution.

Nuncio Bonelli: Chicago attorney who later became a judge. His wife Margaret helped Cirese beautify Sabella.

Charlie Molinelli: Chicago attorney.